What to Expect at Cypress                                   

You might be wondering what to expect when you come to our weekend services at Cypress. Here are some answers to make your first time here as enjoyable as possible:

What should I wear?

We are a pretty casual church. We feel like worship is more about our heart than what we wear. So wear whatever is comfortable and you’ll fit right in.

How do I get there?

7933 Bradshaw Road Sacramento Ca 95829

Just a mile north of Calvine Road

 Where do I go once I’m at the church?

Look for the wood double doors on the North side of the building under the steep covered roof. This opens into our foyer and welcome center. There will be someone there to provide you with information.

Where do my kids go?

Our “Treehouse” is our children’s worship center just inside the main doors on your left. We have services beginning at 10:30 Sunday mornings for K-8th grade, with music, skits, group teaching and breakouts with small groups. Also, if you prefer please feel free to bring your kids into the service to worship together as a family.

All of our children’s volunteers have been fingerprinted, screened, and trained to help your kids learn about God in a safe and fun atmosphere and you will need to sign your kids in and out.

What happens during the service?

The first part of the service is usually worship through up-to-date music and singing. We have the words up on screens if you would like to participate (don’t worry, most of us can’t sing either!), or you can just listen. The second part of the service is worship through hearing a practical message based on the Bible.

Should I put money in the offering?

 We pass an offering basket during the service but we don’t want people to give out of guilt or obligation. Giving is how we worship God by giving back a portion of what He has given us. Our church is supported by the regular tithes and offerings of our members, visitors are not expected to give.

What do I do when the service is over?

Stop by the welcome center if you didn’t have time before the service. You’ll get a welcome packet and a gift to let you know that we value your visit. Most people like to hang out in the foyer and front patio after the service to talk, catch up, and meet people.