Pray in Jesus’ Name

May 21, 2020

Matthew 6:9–10

“This, then, is how you should pray:

‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name,

10 your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

 Some people say, “Why is it that there is no place in the Lord’s Prayer where you are supposed to pray in Jesus’ name?”

Do you know how Jesus, all through the Gospels, says, “Pray in my name,” but in the Lord’s Prayer, it doesn’t say anything about praying in Jesus’ name? The answer is it does.

When you say “Father,” you are coming to him in Jesus’ name. What you are saying, when you say “Father,” you’re saying, “Lord God, Jesus is my sin-bearer and I have received him and therefore, I now have received the status of being a son or a daughter. I now have the God-given and the God-invited audacity and authority to call you Father and to expect that kind of love that a father has.”

How does God regard Jesus? How much does he love him? How much does he honor him? How much honor does Jesus deserve? You know what Jesus has done. You know what incredible lengths he went to, what incredible oceans he swam to save us. You know that. How much honor does the Father owe the Son? How much honor and love does the Father want to give the Son? How much love does he have for the Son?

It’s incredible, it’s infinite, and the Bible tells us that God makes no distinction. He loves us with all the love that he loves his natural Son. He loves us to the same degree that he loves his natural Son. That is amazing. I happen to know that you don’t believe it, because I happen to know that I don’t believe it. If I believed it and if you believed it, we wouldn’t be the way we are. We wouldn’t be worried, would we? We would never feel sorry for ourselves, would we?

We’d never feel resentful and angry that we’re getting a bad go in life, would we? You don’t believe that. That’s the reason why your prayer life and my prayer life are so drab. Because you run by “Our Father …” and you get into “… in heaven, hallowed be your name …” and when we get to “Give us today our daily bread,” give me these things, you get down there and then we start to pray with bigness of heart and greatness of heart, and we have run by the fatherhood of God, and that, Jesus Christ says, is the basis for your prayer. Don’t pray and don’t go on until you get that.

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