Staying Connected

One of the big difficulties we face as a church during the Coronavirus 19 pandemic is staying connected with one another. “One another” is a well-used phrase in the new testament. It represents the bond we share as members together in the body of Christ, a love and a responsibility we have towards all the people who call Cypress home and the neighbors and friends we come into contact with.  A virus will not destroy that bond, it will cause it to grow stronger as we care for each other, check on each other, pray for each other and care for each other. As circumstances change in our personal health and income we will rise to the occasion as each of us are gifted by the Holy Spirit to meet the various needs of God’s people.

As one of your pastors I am overwhelmed and encouraged by the efforts and the unselfish willingness of the people of Cypress to help those in need. If you are in need of help in any way please contact me or one of the pastors or deacons so that we can get you the help you need. 

One of the tools we are using to stay connected and to have the contact information we need is our Simple Church Directory App. It is free to download on any smart phone and very easy to use.

Once you install the app on your phone you can use your login and password. If you have never used the app but were previously issued a password we can reset it for you, just let me know.

We are going to be trying a number of new things and will be looking for ways to deliver that content. Our goal as pastors and leaders is to equip our members for the work of the ministry. The Apostle Paul used a new technology called mail… and we will use every device available for the work of the gospel and the equipping of the saints.  Stay tuned, pray for your leaders and for one another… God has great things in store for Cypress!


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