Applications of the Parable

The Parable this week supplies us with a number of applications that could be made but we are going to look at only two.
Because He planted us, Jesus is our king. Because we have been given life there will be growth. Total surrender to Jesus and a hunger for spiritual growth. Those are the two things.
The new birth is entrance into the kingdom, and a Christian is somebody who says to Jesus, “Because you saved me, because of what you did on the cross for me, because you forgave me, because through you I am right with God, I will do anything I know you want, anything I can read in your Word, anything I know is your will. Anything. Whether it seems practical, whether it’s something I like, I am utterly submitted to you, your royal will. You have the supremacy in every area of my life.” To say anything less is less than kingdom mentality. To say anything less is less than Christianity. Being a Christian means you obey the one who saved you. You make Jesus your King.
Why does Jesus use being planted as one of the metaphors?
Because a plant exists completely through the operation of something else. A plant can’t plant itself. A baby can’t make itself born. A person who is a Christian knows even though you’ve struggled and worked very hard in the process of becoming a Christian, once you become a Christian, you realize there was an outside power that has come on in and is dealing with you in the center of your life. You realize someone has been opening your eyes. Someone has been guiding you. Someone has been revolutionizing your life.
How do you really know the difference? Growth! It’s all growth. You see, in the end, the Christian grows into the likeness of Christ. The counterfeit, moral person does not really grow. A Christian is somebody who grows more and more content with God as the years go by. Growth is the evidence of real life.
You can’t believe it but you find yourself getting more humble, less arrogant, more sensitive because you know about your sins. At the same time, you feel more loved and more loved and more loved and more loved, because you see, in the end, it’s the kingdom of the Father that we experience, and we sense he is more and more a Father as time goes on and we know we are the children of the King.
Are you growing in those ways? Have you made Jesus your king?
Prayer: Thank you Father for giving me the examples of what the kingdom is like and thank you Christ who is my savior and my King and the person who is being formed in me. Because of him I am alive and planted in the kingdom of my Lord.